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Can Anyone Explain me Why?? This is for my Assignment LMAO.
@MarcusCollins kushina had was pregnant with naruto while she had the fox inside her..hence the charkra was naturally affecting his birth... Naruto had the fox sealed in him... so when you sent is wittle sperm cells into hinata I'm pretty sure they were little ninetail like cells swimming all the way to hinatas eggs.. poof boruto and himawari have whiskers !
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Are people still seriously confused about this? 😂
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It was definitely because Kushina was the Jinchuriki while she was pregnant with Naruto. From then on they became hereditary because both Boruto and Himawari have them
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but the were there at birth
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You guys are putting so much thought into this while kishimoto's probably reading this thinking maybe I make filler and explain 😂
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