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I know I've been on an unannounced hiatus for a really long time but I'll try to get on at least once a week from now on so I hope you'll welcome me back! I will restart my page of comebacks and debuts and post weekly, sorry if I don't include a favorite of yours in the weekly updates, feel free to comment so people can see it. PSA: I won't be including OSTs in the weekly listings.
*Picture googled-from tumblr.
I wanna start off with the debuts of this week: I.O.I and NCT U.
Produce 101 ended with the final members being Lim Na-young, Kang Mi-na, Kim Do-yeon, Jung Chae-yeon, Zhou Jieqiong, Kim So-hye, Kim Chung-ha, Choi Yoo-jung, Jeon Somi, and Yu Yeun-jung. Congrats to these girls as they mark their pre-debut with their song Crush.
NCT U is the first unit of the NCT brand by SM entertainment. by listening to the song, you can definitely hear the different road SM is taking compared to their other artists. The members that have debuted so far are Mark, Ten, Taeyong, Jaehyun, and Doyoung.
This notable is part of SM Station and it was nice to listen to, it can fit into a head-bobbing mood to a dance party mood. The song is by Chen (EXO) and Heize the Rapper which you can see more of in Unpretty Rapstar 2 if you haven't already.
CNBLUEs "You're so Fine" was also released this week following a more jazz club type of style, also seen in the video. Who doesn't like CNBLUEs adlibs in their songs either right?
WOO!!! Woo Tae Woon is about to get you hyped up with his new song "Copy Ma Lyrics" ft. Nafla. The song has such a hip-hop vibe that's amplified by the music video. Tae Woon should for sure get some recognition for this song and I'm looking forward to another release from him if it'll be as high energy as this one or even if he slows it down.
About slowing down...Loco came out with a song this week ft. Cha Cha Malone which is called "You Too". The song is a slow rap with background music based heavily on the piano. There's a lot of emotion in this song, so if you cry easily, even though it's not an MV, I won't be mad if you skipped it.
*The Loco link doesn't come from the company's page but a fan uploaded it.
Wow completely different feel from Loco's "You Too" just in case you cried haha. Laboum has comeback with the fresh sounding "Journey to Atlantis/Fresh Adventure" that has the song in my head just from reading the title. The chorus is very repetitive in a light way so you can listen to it about once for each member.
Bernard Park ft. Hyerim (Wonder Girls) "With You" is a ballad song that definitely fits the spring vibe. The video reminded me of Neil's "Spring Love" mixed with Sistar's "I Swear" like a getaway video. Hyerim's part balances the song in a way I didn't expect and it turns it into an even more beautiful song
Special Mentions:
David Oh- W.D.I.A.G.W. (Where did it all go wrong) is a nice ballad song from a not as famous singer in S. Korea but the song is very soft on the ears, it could either put you to sleep or make you think of ALL YOUR PAST MISTAKES lol.
JYP-Still Alive. He's right, his career is still alive and he's not afraid to brag about it in this song that has the same old-school vibe that "Who's your mama" had. Like the latter video, "Still Alive" is a pretty comedic MV.
@JaxomB I'm impressed with this comeback, the 2gether comeback didn't stick with me but this one definitely does.
I'm anxiously awaiting my CN Blue album
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