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I'm trying to do a portrait of kim taehyung that I have been working on and need honest feedback. please this is a school assignment so I need to know what to fix.
original pic
wow this is honestly amazing the only things that I saw really is the shirt. on the neck lining of the shirt you should try and add the slightest of curve to it so it looks like the shirt is more 3dimesional (if that makes any sense) the other thing I saw is you need to add where the light hits on the hair or more accurately the highlighted parts on his hair. those are really the only things I could see that you can on a bit, but can I just it is amazing. honestly I think you shaded everything really amazing and even caught his facial expression amazingly and don't even get me started on how great those hands are. you are a great artist and if you draw anything else you see, and now I'm rambling so I should probably go now keep up the good work
awesome! it's really good
You don't need to fix anything
It's the rough draft btw everyone so give me all the feedback before I do the final!! 馃榿
Haha your the best @HurdKpop thank you so much. and yes that makes so much sense cuz I was having a hard time with just may solve some things 馃槉馃槞