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[ Tag: Invinsybll] Mine is very mainstream whoops
NARUTOOOOOO I started watching the anime finally and I always find myself laughing so hard XD Pretty sure I'll be crying later tho
I know there are only like 3 Naruto things but there are plenty of movies lmao But the anime is really long Honewtly, I'm thinking of skipping everything to Boruto XD Cuz honestly, I'll never finish Naruto
I finished half of shippuden in 4 months.. it was worth it 😏
I wouldn't skip anything. Naruto is amazing. Yes, it's really long but it won't take forever. I started rewatching Naruto in June last year and finished half way through september. I'd keep watching the experience is worth it. And if you skip to Boruto it'd be hard to fully appreciate and understand the growth of the characters.