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Because he has amazing eye smile!
You'll be seeing this when you guys go out to the beach or to the pool!
Your dates will feel a little like this!
You'll have a fine a'f' boyfriend!
Your food dates will be a little like this!
... BUT make sure to feed him because then this will happen!
He'll be there to comfort you when things get tough!
Hey! & you never know you might even be able to see him after he showers and help him pick out an outfit and get ready!
He'll do anything to please you and put a smile on your face!
You'll be seeing his amazing dancing all the time!
He'll be your work out partner and motivation!
His inner child will come out!
and He will send you video messages often!
Hope you guys loved these reasons of why date Shownu.
Now don't forget to make your own Shownu card if you would like to today!

Monbebes, Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday! ^^

omg stop stop it. someone feed this child and keep him away from flowers they aren't edible
Bias wrecker needs to stay in his lane
Oppa.......*speechless* 😢😢
Daddy Shownu 😍
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