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BTS are strangers who I'm meeting for the first time what do they do to me
We've never met, so I don't know why you'd waste your money on me. If only you were the maknae of the coolest K-pop band ever 😉
Thank you so much dude. Are you a transfer student cos I'm pretty sure I knew everyone in my class 🤔🤔😊
Thanks! Have we met before. I think you bought me coffee?
Thank you so much Taehyung. If you were a K-pop star you'd be my bias 😘😅
Jungkook you're too much. I wish I could repay you.❤️💛💚💙💜💗💖
Umm okay. 😬😐🙁☹️😨😓
Jungkook thank you but you're gonna get a cold🤒😰
Thanks J-hope but this isn't the Titanic, there's room under here for two!😻🙌 I love you Hobi
There you go ARMY
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