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As an ARMY, I uderstand that we each have our own biases but that doesn't mean that we should neglect the other members or do something that would hurt their feelings.
Although Jin is not my bias, it's wrong to edit him out of a photo when they're are tons of other vkook pics.
According to what Jin said, he needs to know that people are happy with him being "here". I don't know whether or not he is hinting at the fact that people don't appreciate him being a member of BTS, but if it is then we need to appreciate him more.
According to Jin, he stopped "Eat Jin" because not as many people watched.
Jin isn't the only person that this happens to. It's rude to comment or ask about your bias when another member is talking. I understand we all love our bias and it's nice to see their face but it's awkward for another member to have people ignore their presence.
In appreciation of Jin here are my favorite Jin memes.
It makes me really sad that people don't appreciate him more. Like I know Jimin and Jungkook are handsome and talented but I don't see why they overshadow Jin so much. Maybe I'm just biased, but he outshines them to me. I just wish more people would see how truly kind and caring he is, rather than just how good looking he is. Yes, he's beautiful, but he doesn't want to hear that anymore.
@CristalTrujillo I might be bitter for saying this but I'm with you, I kinda want to see that. I watched some of the Now 3 dvd and saw the part where the we're sitting at the lmao all of Bts except Jin is canceled for me atm. That genuinely hurt my feelings.
You know what?! I wanna see him break off of BTS. Just to see him act in more kdramas (because I'd follow that boy to the seventh circle of hell. He's got a degree in acting so he'd be happy doing something he LOVES to do) and just to see how BTS would do without him. *drops mic*
if they want to shit like this I don't care anymore because it's like preaching to an empty chioe
that is the last and finalstraw, I give up an army
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