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Hey guys I've been gone for a bit so I thought let do something we will make cards about that one character who's just a little OP
I you could tag me in the cards you guys make so I can put in my collection
Ok here's mine I've been reading blood lad and I've made it to the point when saiz's full power has been released and he's a little OP in my opinion with the powers of a vampire and telekinesis he can literally make your heart explode.
Ok so what's your make a card and tag me in it I'm excited to see what you guys post mod: @creeTheOtaku horror: @AshCrimson harem: @BlackoutZJ ecchi: @KillerJuggalo3 comedy: @AloraGrimm slice of life:@lovelywhite13
hey im lagging i cant up load a post
we now have a supporter for the slice of life @lovelywhite13
@Captpeter you're good lol
Is Saiz his name in the manga?