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yeah shiz got real up in the concert... two girl start beefing and Jay saw it all the fans there saud to throw them out but he was mad chill and said nah he told them to just chill out and went back to performing the interrupted track with the cree
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dang. we had a lil shoving at our show but no fights. sad that they interrupted the show just to be stupid 😒
@KellyOConnor they ended up at the after party too but good thing no beefing
yo it's always NYC that beef happens at concerts, I swear. the same shyt happened a BTS' TMBMIL pt. 1 concert and it got cut early. Ugh. can't New Workers be chill at a concert for 2 hours. damn.
@MaelstromVIP correction it was The Red Bullet tour. my bad.