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it was killa but sadly the boys just sat in v.i.p So instead of crowding in the front a good 25% of the crowd gather around them. @BBxGD had so many close calls with Jay I couldn't count poor thang. they all bounce 2 hours before the party ended so did BBxGD and me. haha xD Though I felt teased with Simom explains the whines of simon in @BBxGD snaps haha
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What time did they finally show up at the after party??
2 years ago·Reply
@KellyRedl like 30 minutes after we got in... like almost 12
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They got to the after party a little after 12 because I got in around 12. I missed an opportunity to take a picture of Jay Park when he passed right in front of me, I think I was just too tires to realize it was him.
2 years ago·Reply
@BBxGD @JohannaTlatench what! he walk right...ugh that it i need to go to nyx like now lol
2 years ago·Reply