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This is the second part of my epilogue for Intoxicating Love
~~~Ji's pov~~~ I woke up laying on top of Mark. I looked at my ring finger. "It wasn't a dream after all." I smiled to myself. I kissed Mark before getting up to take a bath. After I got out of the bath I had this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach. I felt something roll up my throat. I walked up to the toilet and threw up. 'What's up with me?' I thought. After I was done brushing my teeth I went to get dressed. I saw Mark get up and hug me from behind, "Good Morning, my love." He kissed my cheek and took a quick shower. I was cooking breakfast while he took a shower. I was cooking and watching the news when I saw Mark proposing to me?! I called down Mark to show this to him. He wasn't surprised to see this. "I thought this would happen." He whispered. "haha," I started to laugh awkwardly. After about an hour of watching TV I wasn't feeling very well. I ran to the bathroom and threw up again. "Are you alright?" I'm guessing Mark said. "Yeah, I'm fine Mark." I came out and went to call my mom. "Mom, you won't believe what happened yesterday!" "Yes, I saw on the news this morning." "Oh, well can we come over anyways?" I asked. "Sure, your always welcome to visit us Ji." My mother said thoughtfully. I told Mark that we would be visiting my parents. When we got there I showed my mother and father my beautiful ring. It had a large diamond in the center, with the band covered in other smaller diamonds. I have to admit that it was the most beautiful thing I have seen. It would glimmer in the sunshine. It must have been really expensive.
They congratulated us and told us they wanted grandchildren pretty soon. I was happy to hear them say that. I would really like a child soon too. But I don't think I'm ready yet. We next took a trip to Mark's parents house. His parents are so nice and thoughtful. They also said they wanted grandchildren. To be exact 2 girls and 1 boy. "Okay, I think one child is enough for now." I said while half giggling. Mark put his hand around my shoulder and kissed my soft cheeks. "Maybe we could give it a try." He said while blushing. "yeah, yeah but later, once we get used to a married life." I said. "AHEMMM." His parents interrupted us. "Oh I'm sorry." I said to them. We talked about our future and other things. It was getting boring so I had to make an excuse for leaving. "Excuse me but Mark and I have to go now. It's getting a little late." "Go make some babies!" My mother-in-law yelled. I blushed instantly while Mark and I laughed our butts off. "Okay we will." He said. He gave me a mischievous look after closing the door. "Don't try anything." I said. We drove to JYP building before dropping home. We went to announce the news to Got7, even though they probably already knew. "Were now married!" Mark and I yelled to the rest of Got7. "I want a nephew." Jackson said. I mentally face palmed myself. BamBam was the only one to say "I want a little baby niece." "Okay, I'll consider your ideas." I said. We talked about everything before Nabi walked in and saw Mark and I. I guess she came here for Yugyeom. I ran up and hugged her. I released her and showed her my beautiful ring. She gasped. "So... Who's the lucky guy?" She asked. I pointed to the lucky Mark. "Oh, I thought so." She said. "I'm gonna be an aunt." She squealed. She ran up to Yugyeom saying, "Maybe we should get married and have children one day." Yugyeom said he'll think about it. We talked about a bunch of stuff for a long time. We said it was getting late even though it was only 6pm. We went home to have dinner. I made a chicken casserole with bacon and cheese. I was eating dinner and after we cleaned our plates. Mark went back home. FLASH FOWARD>>>> *1 week later* Mark bought a house with 3 bedrooms for the future when we have kids. We were settling in when I was craving some ice cream. I asked if we could have a break from unpacking and go out to get some ice cream. When we got there we met some fans. We were able to eat some ice cream in peace at the empty park. I scooped up my ice cream with my finger and stuck it on Mark's nose. He then dotted my nose with ice cream. I was so happy we were able to still have fun with all of this going on. We got home and realized how late it was. I felt my stomach feel weird and I ran to the bathroom to throw up?! I called my mom and told her how I was craving certain things and throwing up a lot more than usual. "Listen carefully, I think you might be... pregnant." My mom said. "WHAT?!" I yelled. "and there's more to come, Ji." My mom added
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Preggers!! Oh the joys of morning sickness!! lol
I made it like this so she wouldn't expect to be pregnant @MrsChanyeol
Awwwwwwwww she's pregnant, that's great!!!!
Yes I'm writing it right now @elizabeth1234 I'll tag you when I publish it
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