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You read that right, finally us Bob Burger fans can actually recreate the delicious, punny burger delights that grace the background of every episode! Each burger has been cooked and taste tasted by a professional chef (besides Bob obviously) and they are good to go for any occasion! Take a look at what the inside of the book looks like!
I need to get this RIGHT NOW! Not only do I love pictures, but all these burgers are actually really unique! Definitely perfect for a drunk BBQ with friends this summer. For more inspiration, check out some of the best named burgers gifted to us from Bob Burgers !
Sooooooooo, have you ordered yours yet?!
Whooo!! I was hoping they'd do something like this!! :D
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Oh my gosh yess to thiss!!!!
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This is so awesome!!!
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I need to buy this!!! I love Bob's Burgers.
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I'm hungry now XD
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