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Spoiler bits❗️❗️❗️❗️ One Piece will be mine!! "This hat shows me the way to becoming king of the Pirates"!!!! NAKAMA gear third smashing emirs lobby the best way possible! With a gum gum attach!! Luffy literally goes all out, one of his toughest battles ever when he is at wines lobby to save Robin making her say that she truly wants to live and is a true NAKAMA and a real life straw hat!! Anime is life!! One Piece is Love!! Mod team tag @chrisstephens @nathanielmoanan
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@LuffyNewman the guy who turned like a jaguar? I think he's name was lushy? yesss it was insane hahah I loved it!!! right now I just finished the whole story arc of saving Ace.... My gosh my mind has been BLOWN!
Nahh the leader who was crazy and trying to get ahold of the plans from franky. But yes was a crazy awesome arc. Love how the earlier arcs all focused on NAKAMA and how they had a past and decided to join te crew
@LuffyNewman OoOoOoH yeah that's true! he was crazy LOL and yes I loved that too that they showed there past that was awesome! and oh my gosh man Robins past story hit me right in my heart :( it was really sad
@MoisEsGaray the guy I'm talking about was spandam and the main guy Luffy fights is Lucci!! And yeah robins past was sad for sure
spandam dang he's the leader of cp9