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Do you need a little pick me up for Saturday? Need something to help cheer you up? ( June: Hey Sam I'm not doing this find someone else or unless you only talk about me.) June! This is your card now make every smile! ( June: Well I guess since they are only looking at me ♡)
June: Sam I thought you said this was all about me why is the others in the video as well? June love it will be okay if it isn't only you! Everyone is only looking at you anyway okay?
There love is that better?! June: Much better.
But can you stop June!!! Ugh you drive me crazy you are supposed to be making people smile not lose their mind June! June: You love it don't pretend you don't.
@LinnyOk 😜 You know you love it 😁
oh @Sammie99522 u gon and don it again, oh my heartu! I flatlined looking at this card, hmn Junho
@MelissaGarza June is my ub and yeah him and Jinhwan are my favorite in ikon 💗
@VatcheeAfandi99 i know what you mean!
Junhoe is my favorite from IKON. In my opinion, he is the best looking one from the group. 😍
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