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Spoilers❗️❗️❗️ Coming from a hellish past being the (only one) of his kind left as a Quincy with special and ever hangin but wrongly looked upon powers, and having a teacher who was killed in front of him and a harsh father he has had a rough troubled past!! He hates shinigami at first but ends up relating to the right one, Ichigo and ends up supporting and following him! Because of his past he could easily fit into the akatsuki with his powers as well as smarts and his past hatred of the Shinigami before he is changed by the main character who is stubborn and strong willed!! This is my pic for {AA} hope you all enjoy!! Hope you enjoy NAKAMA!! Anime is life!! Akatsuki apprentice!!?? In honor of @ tayhar18920 Akatsuki April!!
I'd say that he would be like Itachi.
Awesome pick!! He would really fit in!! @LuffyNewman
no, it's that I'm caught up with Bleach so I know how Uryu is developed
His Voice actor is also the Voice of Sasuke so I would say he would be more along the lines of Sasuke when he joined the Akatsuki @odysseu5
Nice call put NAKAMA!! @BlackoutZJ thanks for the added info too!!