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@MrsJungHoseok tagged me in this so I though I would give it a shot.
I would have loved to play castle with Jin :) who do you think would be the princess: me or him?
Oooooo besties with Yoongi? That would be fun! :)
Oh....oh my.....Kookie why did you break my heart?
Reunited with Jin. Luckily I studied French for awhile so we shouldn't need too much of a translator. Married to my childhood best friend, huh? I like the sound of that.
Babies!!!!! (My cousin told me she wants me to get married and have kids so she can hold them at family gatherings....) and a bunny? Cool :)
Lucky and healthy? I'm am absolutely 100% okay with this :)
Ah should have said cared too much about Jin and I though didn't you?