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I was tagged by @AimeeH Here goes!
Classmate: Hyuk. Well we are the same age, lol. So it makes sense. Who cheats off you: Ken. Oh Kenny boy you definitely don't want to cheat off me. Who you cheat from: Hakyeon. Wasn't he super smart in high school? I must've made the right decision! Has a crush on you: Ken. Is this why you cheat off me? To make me feel smart because you have a crush on me? Your crush: Hakyeon. Well he is thy ultimate bias!
Teachers pet: Hongbin Boyfriend: Hakyeon. Yas! This is like the first time I've ever gotten him as a BF! Bully: Hongbin. Why? Is it because I cheat off Hakyeon? Partner for school projects: Hakyeon. I've gotten him a lot!!! Best friend: Ken. So he's my best friend and he has a crush on me. I'm so sorry Ken! But this explains why he cheats off me. He probably knows I cheat off Hakyeon.
Well I loved this one! I got Hakyeon so much!! I also got Ken a lot. I'm a little sad I didn't get Leo at least once. And Ravi too!! Tagging: @MaeLyn @HayleyEastman
@ChaErica That's awesome!! ♡♡ They'll be out every Saturday Love!
@AimeeH No probs! I love VIXX so I usually play all the screenshot games!!
Thank you For participating! ♡☆ Congrats on getting your Bias!!
@AimeeH I'll be sure to keep my eye out for them!!