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Classmate Ken handsome classmate. Cheat off of Hyuk he seems so smart I don't know why he cheats off me. Cheat off off N see Hyuk I'm not so smart I cheat too. Has a Crush on me Ravi figures my bias wrecker lol My Crush Hongbin of course he is my Bias
Teacher Pet is my Hongbinnie I can see this. My Boyfriend is N no wonder k cheat off him he let's me lol Bully Hyuk why you gotta bully I let you cheat off me. Partner for school project N this is perfect since he's so smart. Best Friend is Leo this is perfect cause he's so dang adorable and I know he will look out for me Thanks @AimeeH this was fun
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Thank you for participating!! Haha my bias is my bully XD