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I'm not religious but if I was I would definitely worship Hestia from Danmachi ( Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon). She's so cute and I loved her personality😍...... Great anime by the way, if you liked SAO you might enjoy this one too @InVinsybll @BlackoutZJ @NikolasSatterwh @AimeBolanos @hikaymm I'm not into the whole tagging thing but I guess I'll start. If you would like to be tagged either message me or comment below. And if you guys above👆🏽don't want to be tagged let me know lol
same here! T.T
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@fireislife they confirmed a 2nd season
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I liked the story, I wish they would've continued 😞
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we all know deep down she wants to bang sheets with Bell
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i wont worship her i would marry her and have a semigod... LOVE U HESTIA!!!!!
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