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(For a Luffy×Reader fanfic) I'm soon (NOPE, it'll take a long time to process the story and it's background) going to upload/publish a fanfic on there called One Piece: The Start of a New Heart Racing Adventure! It's actually a reader insert or whatever they call it (like one of those romance fanfiction stories; Reader×Luffy or whatever). This story is only of those who have a (major?) crush on Luffy in One Piece. The story is also based on the anime One Piece (OBVIOUSLY & please excuse my complicated explanation) that sets on the main character (YOU). Of course, I made up some parts that parents part of the anime (gimme some fun with this, will ya?) and most of the information contains recourses from the Wikipedia (I did some mad researching). And yes, most parts of the anime will be changed and there will be many table flipping expectations and cringes (I guess?). This story is also a part of my (overdue home) work at school (it's for my Narrative Conclusion for English) and since it's already like 8 pages or longer, I thought I'd decide to publish it (SOON) on Wattpad so STAY TUNED!


I'm not good at these kinds of things but people say I have a talent for this.. & yes, that's the cover of the story I made. :') Oh, I'm not sure if I should feel proud or not! Enough chit-chatting! Let's get on with it! You know what, since I can't come up with a summary or plot, I might as well copy and paste my work here (or just screenshot that sh*t xD)! There might be some (haha— no, ALLOT of) errors but I'M WORKING ON IT, SHANDARŌŌ!!

Here's six slides of screenshots that I'm working on. Too bad Wattpad doesn't have multiple fonts like (the app) Documents does!

I know what you're thinking (I think). I set up one of my OC's and thought maybe I'd add her in it. Like I said, I suck at explaining so... Please keep up with me. :') This is only for English! So once I turn this into my teacher and when she's done correcting anything (like giving me FUCKING CREDITS YO), I'll be free and I'll replace the name (Avelin D. Eloise) into › (Something D. Y/N). How? Look below!
Don't worry guys. I have most things under control and YOU DO have more than ONE weakness. Many things will be explained as you get into the story. :I This will be my first published story on Wattpad and I'm sure that most of you (Anime/Luffy fans) Vinglers will be the first to read!