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Sungha Jung is now on V! He's been on V since about three weeks ago and you can check that out here! He also has a youtube channel that was at first run by his dad and he's released covers since he was 10 years old.
This is the first video that was released on his channel!
He's a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist and he also plays ukelele and piano. For those of you Descendants of the Sun fans he just recently made a cover of Everytime!!

You can check out his youtube here!

He's also worked with many famous guitarists and is close to Ulli Bogershausen. He's also held many concerts and...

He's only 19!!!

He's also close friends with Yu Seungwoo, a singer-songwriter under Starship Entertainment and was one of Mnet's Superstar K4's Top 6.

Go check him out on youtube or the V! App and get special content and kpop covers from an amazing fingerstyle acoustic guitarist.

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Awww he's so cute!! I need to check this guy out!
I love this guy ♡ thank you for letting us know he has a v app channel thing now ^-^
you know he kind of looks like Jhope in the video after you said 19 years old