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Little Note:
This chapter might be confusing! So let me explain:
The chapter will be told in the perspective of the EXO members that have interacted with Renesmay. I will separate this chapter into two parts. First part is when Chanyeol meets her (officially) at the photoshoot and the second is the makeup with the other members
Incase you missed the last chapters:
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After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO memebers. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivy’s friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?

Chapter 4

pt 1

=--=----=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Chanyeol's Prov. -=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=
I was talking to the members as usual but something was off. I turned my head to see a girl. She was on a scooter! Thats really cute i thought.
Then i noticed she just looked up. Up at the trees and the leaves that changed colors as the time passed. I was really deep in thought when i felt a nudge on my arm. Baekhyun had noticed were i was looking and gave me a mischievous smile. I rolled my eyes and went back to our conversation.
I looked back to see the same girl pull into the photoshoot area. i looked at D.O and he seemed to notice as well. The difference between me and him was that i took my eyes off of her. He watched her every move. Sounds creepier than it actually was. I sort of felt protective over her. Ha, i dont even know who she is! Then i went to face her again and saw she was folding her scooter... how neat!! I began to look at her in detail.
Have i met her before?
i found myself slowly walking up to the short girl (even shorter than Kyungsoo)
"Hi, Im Chanyeol. Have we met before? You seem really familiar" i said
i felt eyes on me. Particularly on my back because he is to short to see over me while looking straight ahead. ;)
She looked up really confused.like she couldnt really see. i realized the glare from the sun was in her eyes so i moved to the side blocking it. she started to blush which i thought was super cute. i chuckled making her tilt her head in confusion. This made her even cuter!
I looked at her more carefully and it hit me.
"wait i think i remember.... Oh yeah! You are the lady with the little puppy!"

I thought back to the day.
=-=--=--=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-Flash Back-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
"We just need some food for the guys and head back to SM" i explained to Kyungsoo.
"All we need to do is be careful not to bring attention to ourselves."
He nodded as we paid. He grabbed some bags and i had some as well. Then as we were walking out we kept our head low. I suddenly felt a smaller body bump into mine. both me and Kyungsoo dropped our items. as i was gonna confront the person, she was already bowing and picking up our stuff. She picked up our bag and saw it had ripped.
We watched as she took a bag out of her pocket and started to pick up. Kyungsoo nudged me as he bent down to help pick up the items.
I kept my eye on the dog to see what it would do. I was impressed to see the cute thing just sniff at us. More so to Kyungsoo.I thought Kai would have loved to see this one.
After we got everything, we had to think fast incase we were recognized by her. She is really pretty though 0,0
We bowed and said thank you but before she could say anything we bolted into the street trying to blend in. As we were entering the van i looked back to see her clearly really confused holding her dog.
I felt bad but we needed to keep on the down low.
=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- End of Flashback=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=-=--=-
"Oh ya! Sorry again for bumping into you. I should have paid more attention to where i was going." she said looking at the floor. I felt bad but then as if my hand had a mind of its own it grabbed her chin lifting it up to look at me in the eyes. 

"Dont worry about it. Plus we have the bag if you need it!"

I panicked and rushed my hand down. I scratched my neck and i tried to say sorry but i guess i mumbled it :/. Realizing the more awkward silence there was i snapped out of it and acted as if nothing had happened.i was gonna move on with the conversation and ask why she was here when i was interrupted.
"Chanyeol, who are you talking to?
i turned to see Baekhyun on my back where he had ran. He turned to look at her and he just smiled brighter.
"oh sorry, hi my name is Baekhyun! Nice to meet you." He said
"Hi I'm Renesmay Torrero. Nice to meet you too. " She responded
how come she didnt tell me her name earlier? oh whatever
"wow... Renesmay... Torrero? Thats quiet a unique name. If you dont mind me asking, by chance are you a foreigner?"
Baekhyun and I leaned in for her answer.
"Im from the states but My family is from Mexico."
Wow! i was in shock she gave us an answer to be honest but im glad she did.
"im sorry to cut our conversation short but i need to go get to the makeup booth.."
I got the message that she was asking where it was and i pointed to the tent across the way.
We yelled bye as she ran towards the tent.
We walked to the group but i couldnt help but notice Kyungsoo still watching her as she ran .
Whats up with him? i thought

Baekhyun Prov.

The guys were huddled up talking as usual but something was off. Chanyeol was staring somewhere and so was Kyungsoo. First CHanyeol. He was looking at a girl on her scooter. Kyungsoo just seemed like he was in deep thought.
Hmmmmm.... i shook it off
I looked again minutes and he was still looking except this time she had pulled into the lot and was folding her scooter. lucky i always wanted a scooter like that.......
I looked at Kyungsoo, same thing.... wait nevermind. I think he is staring at the girl too. Who is she?
Less than 10 seconds after my thought Chanyeol starts walking over. He starts talking and clearly the girl is both in shock and confused.
Im good at reading lips trust me!
it looks like their conversation went a little something like this:
"Hi im chanyeol have we met before, " then something about family.
He moved to the side probably to block the sun (him being the gentleman he is)
She started to blush.... it was really cute i have to admit.
Chanyeol noticed and giggled and like a little puppy she titled her head.
i looked back at Kyungsoo to see him glaring at Chanyeol with fire in his eyes.
I couldnt help but laugh which made everyone look at me weirdly... oh well
everyone went back to their conversations but i was just observing the scene for myself.
The curiosity got to me and i excused myself and walked over. I ran and jumped on Chanyeol's back .
"Chanyeol who are you talking to?"
I looked to see this very beautiful girl. Her clothes were so casual yet it she made it look like a runway item. My smile grew bigger. Oh how rude am i i havent introduced myself.
"oh sorry, hi my name is Baekhyun! Nice to meet you."
She smiled slightly and said
"Hi I'm Renesmay Torrero. Nice to meet you too. "
i dont think she told her name to Chanyeol because he was amazed at her name. I was too.
"wow... Renesmay... Torrero? Thats quiet a unique name. If you dont mind me asking, by chance are you a foreigner?"
i asked.
We leaned in to hear her answer. ANd without a problem she answered.
"Im form the states. My family is from Mexico."
impressive! i thought
"im sorry to cut our conversation short but i need to go get to the makeup booth.."
she gave us a look i had no idea what it ment but i guess Chanyeol understood and pointed to the tent across the way. We watched her she left and yelled bye.
Chanyeol left to the group first because nature was calling my name but as i turned to watch him go back. Kyungsoo never stopped watching Renesmay running to the tent.
Whats wrong with him?
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