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You’re just finishing up your calendar and other work related items when Jak and Jiyong come through the door.
“Hey. You guys heading back out or staying in?”
“Out, Jak needs to change.” Jiyong comments as he comes over and sits behind you on the couch.
“Working late?”
“No, just finishing up some last minute things while I was thinking about them.”
“Can I then?” He motions to the TV with the remote.
“Sure,” you laugh when you realize he’s been dating Jak for a while and he knows it will take a bit of time if he’s taking the ‘model’ out on the town.
After about a half an hour he starts pulling on the collar of his jacket, “Why is it so hot in here?”
You're sitting in shorts and a t-shirt; you look over at him,
“Probably because you have too many clothes on.”
He takes off his jacket and you gasp with mock shock,
“G-Dragon! You never take your jacket off, isn’t that against your ‘outfit’ code or something?”
He smiles and shrugs, “I have to wear it the rest of the night; it’s all good.”
He's flipping through channels while you’re cleaning up. As you go to move past him, he shifts. You think he won’t move but he does and you trip yourself. He reaches out to stop you from falling and your hand lands on his shoulder. Your hand moves his shirt to reveal scratches.
“Did your cat attack you?”
He doesn’t even look down; just grins,
“Nope, Jak.”
As you try to untangle yourself without dropping things, his shirt moves more reveal tiny bruises. He’s still grinning up at you as you realize his meaning,
He looks over at his jacket and laughs,
“There are other reasons for fashion.”
Your face must be the color of a tomato; of course, as Jak walks out she notices.
“What? Something happen?”
Ji stands up and puts his jacket back on,
“Small reality check.”
He walks over to Jak and kisses her on the neck to not mess up her make-up,
“You look gorgeous as usual.”
She beams and you’re suddenly jealous of your best friend’s relationship. As they head out the door Jak see’s your flower.
“Hey, where’d this come from?”
You look over, trying to act casual,
“Oh, it was delivered today with lunch.”
She arches an eyebrow at you, “You ordered lunch?”
“Not exactly.”
You’re saved from explaining by Jiyong dragging her out the door. She turns at the last minute,
“You WILL tell me later!”
Jak didn’t get home until the early morning hours and was gone before you were done in the bathroom the next morning. You have your first planning meeting today; you already put everything you’ll need together last night. Within a half hour you are dressed and walking out the door to your new career.
You step into the meeting as one of the first there and quickly find a seat. You thought that Kyungil might be skipping this meeting but he arrives seconds before the start. He sits down in the only seat left in the room; directly across from you. You look over at him curiously, he looks like hell. Thankfully, he’s avoiding you which allows you to focus on the meeting.
A break is called after the first hour and as if by a psychic link, Jak starts texting.
JAK: Speak – type whatever who is the flower from?
YOU: Seriously? Why does it matter?
JAK: Did you see Kyungil yesterday?
YOU: I can see him right now.
JAK: Just tell me the flower isn’t from him.
That comment has your attention. You thought she and Jiyong had been encouraging you to like Kyungil. You look up at where he had been sitting; he’s now standing over at the window.
YOU: Again, why does it matter?
JAK: I’ll explain later.
You look over at the clock; there are still 5 more minutes before the meeting begins. You walk outside and dial Jak.
“You’ll tell me now.”
“I’m sorry; we honestly thought he liked you.”
“Liked? Just start at the first Jak.”
“He showed up last night with Lee again. Does he look like shit today?”
You look back over your shoulder like you can see through the wall.
“Yep, pretty much.”
Jak says some not pretty words forcing you to pull the phone away from your ear.
“Sorry [YN]. She’s just bad news. We thought he was done with her. Ji was excited that he might like you. But then he showed up with her again last night.” She sighs, “The flower was from him wasn’t it?”
“Yeah. He showed up out the blue yesterday. He had my schedule, lunch, and the flower.”
“I don’t know what he’s up to, just be careful around him okay? Break’s over, they need me back in front of the camera. We’ll talk more tonight okay?”
You hang up and walk back into the meeting, just before it starts. You know the feeling of his eyes; and you can feel him watching you. It doesn’t give you a good feeling this time, not after what you and Jak were just talking about.
As information is requested for the next meeting, you reach into your binder and pull it out now. As it gets passed around the table you can hear what sounds like a grunt across the table. You look over to find him looking at you with disdain;
“ #6 OCD much?”
I'm having trust issues again
Hmmm...Ok walls go straight back up!! What's with this boy?! An old flame steps back into the picture and gets thrown in the mix! Interesting?! 😉😉
I hate when they have another girl.. ugh *deleted number out of phone* and asks "who is this" the next time he calls or txts
I'm worried, very worried and little scared. This is how you know someone is a good writer you make the reader feel actual emotions. I can't wait for the next chapter!