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Hello Naruto Nakama and hello to my Z warriors!

It's Akatsuki April on the Naruto community where every Saturday we choose our personal pick for the Akatsuki! The Akatsuki are infamous for being a very powerful group with no remorse. Who better to be part of that group that my boy: Majin Vegeta!

Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and was once a ruthless warrior with no remorse.

After settling on Earth, Vegeta became more tame and focused on his family life and his training. When Goku came back from the dead for a day and Vegeta took it upon himself to unleash his dark side and take control of his full power to defeat Kakarot.

Vegeta is the perfect member for the Akatsuki especially as a Majin. He's ruthless and remorseless and let's not forget powerful!

Besides can't you see him in that black cloak?

What do you think? Who do you think will make a great Akatsuki member? Think of one for every Saturday!

Check out the original card here! Make your own card and don't forget to tag our hard working team in the Naruto community! @tayhar18920 @SantaraJones @Hinatahyuga @LuffyNewman @AimeBolanos

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

Tagging a few of my Z Warriors!

The akastauki members are very calm well most of them I don't think vegeta would last because he's always looking for someone to fight and he isn't patient
@arnelli thank you sir @MahoganyArnold yeah he really would be perfect
@jealousshota he'd definitely be hunting for Kakarot that's for sure the other members might get annoyed. Expect all of my AA post to be detailed
@tayhar18920 I love details. You're welcome I love this idea and I look forward to next week
This is a really well detailed card! And yes vegeta would look awesome in the black Akatsuki cloak! Thanks for participating!!
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