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Tagged by: @ChaErica. (congrats on getting Hackyeon as your boyfriend by the way!)
Classmate: Ken! Yay I get to stare at this cutie during class!
Who Cheats Off You: Ravi Ravi if I were you I would not want to cheat off me at all.
Who You Cheat From: Hyuk Okay if I cheat from Hyuk and Ravi cheats from me we all should get at least a B.
Has A Crush On You: Leo I LOVE YOU TAEKWOON JUST CONFESS AND WE CAN DATE!!! I'd confess but I don't have the guts to.
Your Crush: Ravi No wonder I let him cheat off me! Plus that boy is gooood lookin!
Boyfriend: Ken I'm totally okay with this!
Teachers Pet: Ken I'm dating the teachers pet!?!? I'm kinda surprised, Ken seems like someone who would get in trouble with the teacher!
Bully: Hongbin Why Hongbin!?!? We could have just been friends!
Partner For School Projects: Hyuk Yay maybe I'll get an A for once!!
Best Friend: N Oh hell yeah!!! We can be sassy together!!
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God Binnie is just a bully to everyone