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They were all filled with The Holy Ghost. It was a stupendous event that occurred on the day of Pentecost. It was the coming of The Holy Spirit to dwell in every human heart that will receive Him. It was not a wind that made the sound the disciples heard – it was the breath of God breathing upon the little company. It was not fire which sat upon their heads, but an appearance, “like as fire,” which really was the flame of The Divine Spirit, touching and consecrating the believers in Christ. The explanation of the wonderful scene is given in the words, “They were all filled with The Holy Ghost.” The breath of God meant life, and the fire of God meant cleansing, quickening, and transformation. What took place that day may become true of every one of us today – we may be filled with The Holy Spirit. If we are, we shall speak the speech of love, of grace, of peace. It is the duty of every Christian to be filled with The Divine Spirit. Then we shall have power, and our lives will begin to be blessings in the world.
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Beautifully written...the words of an artist with quill and ink in his heart and eloquence on his tongue!