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Since hearing about Suho's solo debut I've been wondering just how long Yixing has been wanting to make his own solo album too.
Recently Lay was awarded with the Annual Most Popular Movie OST and Annual Most Popular Newcomer Award in the 16th Top Chinese Music Awards.
Sorry couldn't find a englsih sub version >.<
As you could tell he got really emotional and even had to turn away from the crowd during his speech just because he was crying. In his speech he promised that this year there would definitely be a solo album.
Most people don't even that Lay is primarily a singer. Sure his dance moves are awesome but he's always taken his singing more personally.
I just hope that SM will finally grant Lay's wish and give him the solo album he desires because he of all people deserves it.

Who else is ready for a Yixing solo album??

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I hope SM does give him a solo album. I'm just worried that if they don't, would he leave exo like the other members?
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sooooo ready!
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Oh my poor baby is crying 馃槶
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SM better not make my man cry!!! so pure I want the best for laylay
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I really hope Lay releases his solo album! SM better treat him well! They also need to let him rest! Shame on you SM! Shame!
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