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{NC} My favorite Anime Franchise


Easily my favorite anime franchise being the first one I ever KNEW was an anime. I loved bleach instantly even remember the first episode I saw, Ichigo and Renji vs the Bount Water twins. This anime captivated me but it wasn't just the action or comedy that made me love it.


One of the HUGEST parts I love about bleach is the characters being one of the few to have my claim "Anybody can be your favorite character". There's only ONE under utilized character and that's Tetsuzaemon Iba but he's usually drinking with Ikkaku anyhow. Back to my point I love how EACH and every character -1 has a wealth of information and development begin them. Tite Kubo has done a WONDERFUL job conveying each characters own drive and emotions. Even small and unimportant characters like Loly and Menoly to HUGE and a widely popular character like Byakuya show a dedication of this author and the love he has for his characters.


Now say what you will about fillers "take to long, make no sense, no real threat, or just annoying as hell when the main plot just got to the god part" well I like Bleach fillers. In all honesty they are the better of the few out there. Fillers whether episodes or arcs might explain something about a character we didn't know from canon. Ever wonder why Hanataro has such a high seat? His zanpakuto is PERDECT for squad 4 YET this is never explained why in the main plot. How can Ichigo use Bankai in the human world? The reishi output would clearly be different? Explained while ALSO giving us a deeper understanding about Quincies and Uryu as his mother is shown. Argument is that Bleach has to many fillers and maybe they do but I don't mind as something new is introduced or a character can get a chance at spotlight.


Gotta love the villains in almost any anime. Bleach for me has that for me as well, whether it's Ulquiorra, my favorite Grimmjow, fan favorite Gin, or God Alimighty Aizen Bleach has villains for pretty much anybody. From small fry like Shrieker all the way to big time like Jin Kariya there's someone for you to love.

Animation and Plot

The sweet visuals are eye candy and I just can't get enough of it. And the plot while it may be simple to some "go save yada yada" it's more the experience and journey you go through getting there. Aizen flipped me out when he changed the script not once not twice not 5 times but on numerous occasions he showed his prowess and knowledge above and beyond that kept the plot interesting to me.

Lastly The video games

What successful anime doesn't have its own fair share of video games. I personally owned quite a few Blade of fate, Dark Souls, 3rd Phantom, and heat the soul 6. While I can't speak for others each of these games brought me joy and entertainment beyond my beliefs. It's actually because of Blade of Fate I even watched the anime in the first place, and obviously I'm on brave souls every day xD
So what about you what's your favorite Anime Franchise? Comment and let me know or make your own card and tag me in it. I was inspired by @NikolasSatterwh so go check out his card and show him some nakama love :3 ....oh yeah forgot to put I even own a wallet, the picture is EXACTLY my wallet tagging @InVinsybll sorry to bother you I don't know the rules though
@OtakuDemon10 poopie I have just the anime one...FINE guess I gotta download the OG brb Dx
@OtakuDemon10 I would very much appreciate that :3 would love to be on the up and up :D
@ZephyrBlaze yeah, it's kinda weird like that. I was confused at first too!
@ZephyrBlaze oh, are you on the full vingle app, or just the Japanese Anime one? That might be why
@OtakuDemon10 my app constantly tells me I can't join communities...which is a ROYAL pain in the neck
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