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For all the Key stans out there Happy reading!!!
"He looks so happy with her" you think as you look over your shoulder to find Key and his new girlfriend, Jessica, Walking through the racks of clothes in the store you were in. It had been 6 months since you guys broke up and he's already moving on. You felt an ache in your heart. "He's probably forgotten about us already" you think as tears start to form in your eyes. You turn away from them and examine the T-shirt you're holding. "He would've loved this" you think. You glance over your shoulder again and see Jessica whispering something in his ear. He smiles at the remark. God, how you miss that smile so much. You love watching him smile. You start to remember all the fun times you had together, all the times were you made him smile like that. It makes your heart ache more. He leans in an plants a kiss on her cheek. You bite your lip, trying to prevent your cries and tears from coming up. You turn your back to them and put the shirt back. You let out a small, quivering sigh as a tear fell on your cheek. You quickly wipe it as you hear Key's laugh from behind you. You missed that laugh so much, it hurt it to hear it. It hurt to know that someone else was making him laugh. More tears start to fall from your eyes. "How can he be this happy?" you thought. You cover your mouth to prevent your sobs from escaping and turn to exit the shop.
Key looks over his shoulder and sees you walking out. He feels a tiny pang in his chest. "How long has it been" he thought. He watches you as you walk out the entrance and towards the parking lot. He sees you covering your mouth and your cheeks stained with tears. His heart suddenly started to feel heavy. "Did she see me?" he thought. "Does she miss me?" He turns to Jessica, not seeing her face anymore, but seeing yours. "Does she still love me?" he says silently to himself. "Do I even love Jessica like a love (Y/N)?" he thinks You get in your car and let out an ear-piercing cry. You feel your tears land on your cheeks and onto your jeans. You ball your hands up into fists and punch the steering wheel. Your cries become louder and your tears fall faster. You didn't think it would hurt this much to see him. You didn't think that you it would hurt to see him with someone else. You wipe your tears with your shirt sleeve and start your car, crying more as you drive out the store parking lot. ~~~~~~ Later that night, you hear a knock on your apartment door. You set down the bowl of popcorn you were holding and got up from the couch, pulling your pajama shorts down from between your thighs. You hear the knocking continue and shout, "I'm coming!" You grab the doorknob and open the door. You look up to find Key standing in front of you. "Hey," he says softly. You don't respond at first, shocked that he was standing right in front of you. God, you forgot how handsome he can be, even in simple jeans and a T-shirt. You take a step back. "Wh-What are you doing here?" you stutter out. He lets out a small sigh. "I missed you," he says, "Can I come in?" You want to say no. You want to just close the door on his face and forget about him, but your brain wasn't letting those actions take place. Instead, you let him in and shut the door behind him. You stay close by the door, scared to move closer to Key. It's been so long since he's been in your apartment. You didn't know why you were scared, you didn't know why he was here, but a small part of you was glad he was, and a small part of you was embarrassed since you remembered you were wearing one of his shirts. Key turns to face you and puts his hands in his pockets. "I saw you today," he says. You look at him. "How did he see me?" you think. "Even though it was a coincidence that you saw him, how did he see me?" "Oh, Y-You did?" you stutter out shyly. "Yeah," he says, "It's been awhile, hasn't it?" "Yeah," you let out, feeling the awkwardness of this conversation settling in. You started to get tense; the silence between you two was unbearable. Key was the first to break the silence. "I broke up with her." You look at him in shock, "What?" "I called it off with her." "Why?" you ask. You thought he was happy with her, at least that's what you thought. He lets out a deep sigh. "I couldn't stop thinking about you. Yeah, I'll admit, when I first started dating her, I liked her a lot. But after awhile, my mind was only on you. Every time I was with her, I would think of you. I could only think about you. I called off our relationship because I didn't want to hurt her by thinking about you all the damn time." He pauses and walks toward you. I try to step away from him, but your back hits the door and he stops right in front of you. He places his hand under your chin and tilts your head to face him. You stare at his dark eyes, trying to find any clues that he'd lying to you, but you find nothing. All you see is the big, loving eyes you fell in love with. You see his eyes start to gloss and see tears forming at the corners of his eyes.
"Y/N)," he says softly, "I'm sorry for what I said to you that night. I'm sorry for hurting you . I was just angry." He takes his hand from your chin and places it on your cheek, "I want to be with you. I love you, I always have, and always will. No matter how many times we fight or get upset with each other. Please forgive me." You look into his eyes again and see the truth. You missed being with him so much. Unable to control your actions, you grab the neck of his shirt and pull him down, placing a kiss on his lips. He doesn't respond at first, but then he kisses you back, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer to him. You move your arms from between him and place them on his chest. You've been wanting this so bad. You didn't care about that night, or the words he said to you, you just wanted him back by your side. When he releases from the kiss, he looks down at you, his eyes still glossy, as if he were about to cry. "I missed you so much," he says, placing a kiss on your forehead. "I missed you, too," you replied, puling him closer. You never want to let him go. He chuckles and places his chin on the top of your head, happy that he didn't let you go.
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