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I love these games!!! Thank you @AimeeH for creating it.

If ya'll wanna play, check out her card here: be sure to tag her and the rest of the VIXXENS when you do! we love seeing your results!
Awwww yasss. He's the one who sits awkwardly in the back and I have a real difficult time trying to gather up the nerve to speak to him...
Well, ok. I don't mind, but dude... your mouth is always open, you're loud, and always up in everyone's business... so I know it's hard... but keep it a secret, k?
Well this is awkward.... Didn't you just cheat off of me...? Stop showing me your paper dude... you're so obvious...
Well... the class clown huh? no wonder he kept looking over at me during the test.... I thought he caught to the circle cheat going on over here with N.
Well, as soon as he tried showing me his answers I realized something... he has the most beautiful writing... and because of that I can't stop looking at his papers and notes... is that a little crush?
Tough guy and class president in the center of the room has not once caught on. Me and my crush are lucky that he's more concentrated on trying to get that easy A. Honestly though, why is Leo hanging around him so much though?
Well, it finally happened... My crush became my boyfriend... I am not sure how I feel about it though... why does the quiet one in the back keep attracting my attention . I feel like this ship is doomed.
Oh well at least he let's me keep some of my lunch money. My boyfriend hasn't really stepped up to protect me... and it's really depressing me... My quiet classmate seems to be bothered by the activity. I'm wondering if this story is meant to take a turn.
I'm starting to think he's putting himself in my life through tricks and schemes. I feel stalked at this point, and not sure how I feel anymore
It turns out not only is he the class president and teacher's pet, but he is also Leo's best friend. He not only starts protecting me from hongbin, but he stepped up and made N back off. We're best friends now, and I found out Leo asked him to protect me as a favor. I think I have a chance. Just maybe.

(mention if you want me to make a short fanfic out of this... I am thinking about it, but I need an extra push)

Please make a short fanfic about to this!!!
Yes! Make a story out of this! It's perfect.
@MandyNoona Lmao! XD I'M SO using it from now on
@AimeeH hahahaha it's officially the town for frustrated people. Effingham.
omg my phone. . .why. is that even a word
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