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Classmate: N (Ooo, with him as my classmate. I don't predict I'll be doing too much studying... I'm going to be too distracted by the eye candy next to me!)
Who Cheats Off You: Hongbin (Ehh, I love you Bean but I think your cheating off the wrong person.)
Who You Cheat From: Leo ( I have to do well for Hongbin some how! Just don't get too into soccer Leo, alright? We wouldn't want the all zero to happen again)
Has A Crush On You: Leo (No wonder he lets me cheat. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— Yay! Just confess so we can date.)
Your Crush: N (I knew it would happen, he's just too much. I'm sorry Leo!)
Teachers Pet: N (I like the teachers pet? I'm surprised!)
Boyfriend: Leo (It looks like he did it! Yay! I'll try and get over my crush on N for you precious. Wait for me please!)
Bully: Ken (Are you jealous sweetheart? Your not involved in any other way so you think bullying is the answer? Just come make up with me so we can be buds)
Partner For School Projects: Leo (He lets me cheat, he likes me, he asks me out, and he lets me partner! I'm lucky this boy seems to really like me a lot! <3)
Best Friend: Hongbin (No wonder I let him cheat. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun together Bean!)
I'm dating my bias, best friends with my second bias, and have a crush on an extremly attractive and sweet man. Plus once Ken and I make up I have that cutie as well! I'm sure Ravi and Hyuk will become my friends too.... Happy day!!!! Thank you so much to @AimeeH for making this!!! Just a little extra, have you seen Ken's hair!!! IT'S BLONDE NOW!!!!! Excuse me for a moment *suffocates and dies*
@KAddict Awe well I'm glad!! I can't wait to upload them! Omg riggt?! same!! I cannot wait!
@AimeeH It's no problem. :) I love screenshot games like this one. I look foreword to the up coming Saturdays!!! And I love his hair too!! It's just making me even more excited for this comeback, if that was possible :D
I love his hair blonde! 😍😍
Omg that is way cool!! I'm so glad you participated! Thank you!!