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Hey everyone! Did anyone decide to attend KCON this year? It has been officially announced that it will be at the LA Memorial Sports Arena. :)
@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll omg yes...I jus saw that u posted exo...and seriously I'm a huge exotic fan...wat fandoms are u part of?
@ZitlalitRodrigu I hear you. yes they have something like that. Hopefully you have a twitter account to check it out if you decide to go.. I posted another card for update and the first line up is EXO and ticket sale starts on the 15th... men I am still debating. But if I buy the ticket it would be the all VIP access for $300. Let me know if you go and maybe we can share a room and meet up.
@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll oh wow didn't know they had something like that to share a room for may be somewhat creepy but let's be honest if u don't live in cali..u prolly don't know to many ppl who like kpop..hmm so I may look into that..most of my friends never even heard of kpop so..yea
@anagnz @ZitlalitRodrigu I live in Montana. Not from here just working here for the military. But yes unfortunately I do not know if I will be able to make it because of other life priorities. But thought of getting a pal to share a room I guess in #kconpal tweeter. A bit skeptic at sharing a board with someone I've never seen or spoke to. I really wanna go. I am tempted to just go. What do you girls think?
@anagnz ikr I really wanna see kpop live
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