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I'm good with that. *casually stares at ChaBooty* I am completely fine with this 😏
Let's just hope it's anything but math or science otherwise we're both failing
Oh okay so we just never get any work done then
N'awww Hyukkie
Well I mean...bias wrecker much?
Can I cheat off you rather than Ken? Because we're not really getting anywhere with this. Don't worry Ken, I won't let us fail
Well shit. Sorry Hakyeon
Wtf bro? What'd I do? Although tbh I wouldn't mind getting bullied by the dimples
Awesome maybe I can get him to talk more or we can just be telepathic with our shyness
*best friending intensifies* at least you're still in my life
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XD HAHA I love how you are cheating off of the person cheating off you!! Thank you for Participating!