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Thanks to @AimeeH for creating and tagging me in the game! Here we go! :D
Hyukie and I are having a lot of fun in class, passing notes back and forth and telling inside jokes. A long school day is always more fun with Hyukie around. 😊
Now, Hongbin~ah, I'm sure you'd be able to get good grades on your own if you just studied more. You have to stop letting us do all the work for you. πŸ˜‘
Okay, you're right, Hongbin~ah, I'm one to talk. I sneak a peek at Hakyeon's homework from time to time, too. But never during tests, though! πŸ˜‡
I can't even begin to tell you how happy this makes me. I've seen you sneaking glances during class and during lunch. I just wish you had the courage to make a move. 😚
Yes, Taekwoon~ah, I admit, I've been getting some butterflies while working on school projects with Jaehwanie. I'm not the only one, though, he can make anyone laugh and blush with his happy-go-lucky attitude. πŸ˜‰
I still don't understand why you need to cheat, Hongbin~ah, our teachers love you, and I'm sure they would give you some extra study material to help you, if you just asked for it. 😩
Hey, look, you finally made the move, Taekwoon~ah! See, I accepted your confession and confessed to you myself, and now we're together. It's still a little awkward, because we're really getting to know each other now, but with time, I'm sure we'll become a power couple. 😘
Yes, I know I've had crushes on some of the other guys, too, and yes, I can be clumsy, but you don't have to tease me about it all the time. Just be nice to me. *pouts* 😣
We do seem to spend quite a lot of time together. No wonder you're able to copy off of my homework and exams all the time, we're almost always project partners. πŸ˜…
And here we have the answer to the question of why I let you cheat off of me, even though I know I shouldn't. *sigh* Just study, Hongbin~ah, you'll do fine. πŸ€“

And there you have it, just another completely normal school day at Rovix Academy. πŸ˜†

@JenGambale No problem! β™‘β™‘
@AimeeH Thank you! :D
Omg thank you for participating!! I love it!!