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Photographer Brian Dybdal Andersen "So, after getting ready for this the past few months, endless reading on blogs, tutorials, gear reading and not the least buying expensive stuff, I finally came to the point where i felt ready for trying my luck with the milkyway. Conditions where perfect, if you set aside the freezing minus 14 degrees celcius and a nifty wind blowing, putting the chillfactor temperature somewhere between -20 and -25 degrees celsius. Anyways, after most normal people went to bed, I geared up and took the car to a Danish landmark called "Kaloe Vig Slotsruin" wich had been in my mind as a perfect spot for shooting the milkyway i spent a few hours out there, actually not freezing at all (I'm really glad I took my time to prepare and buy the right gear for this). No more talk, a few techs'n'specs: Canon 5D mark III Samyang 14 mm 2.8 @ 2.8/infinity focus Sirui M-3004 Alu Gitzo GH3750QR Hähnel Giga T Pro II"
@LauraMatthews If only I could see a scene like this all the time.
Just beauiful...