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My First Milky Way
Photographer Brian Dybdal Andersen "So, after getting ready for this the past few months, endless reading on blogs, tutorials, gear reading and not the least buying expensive stuff, I finally came to the point where i felt ready for trying my luck with the milkyway. Conditions where perfect, if you set aside the freezing minus 14 degrees celcius and a nifty wind blowing, putting the chillfactor temperature somewhere between -20 and -25 degrees celsius. Anyways, after most normal people went to bed, I geared up and took the car to a Danish landmark called "Kaloe Vig Slotsruin" wich had been in my mind as a perfect spot for shooting the milkyway i spent a few hours out there, actually not freezing at all (I'm really glad I took my time to prepare and buy the right gear for this). No more talk, a few techs'n'specs: Canon 5D mark III Samyang 14 mm 2.8 @ 2.8/infinity focus Sirui M-3004 Alu Gitzo GH3750QR Hähnel Giga T Pro II"
Just beauiful...
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@LauraMatthews If only I could see a scene like this all the time.
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