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The remainder of the week goes by with him sneaking little pinky finger touches, sometimes brushing a hand across your back as you pass him. You have to admit your favorite is when he changes his hugs to last just a few seconds longer, makes them a little tighter, and whispers “Morning Jagi” in your ear. He’s begun texting you each night before bed. You still can’t believe he really feels this way about you. While he doesn’t understand how you can’t see it, he says he is determined to prove it to you. He’s getting impatient with being unable to find any time to be together secretly. You can read his growing frustration in his texts each night. HN: Noona, you're killing me each day at practice. Not being able to touch you. YOU: Want me to find someone to teach for me? HN: No. That isn’t what I mean. I want to more than hug you. YOU: Patience [HN]. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. HN: You still don’t believe me. God, you’re killing me! Shall I tell you how? YOU: Tell me? HN: What watching you dance, seeing your body move does to me? He obviously wants you just as frustrated as he claims he is and by damn, it’s working. YOU: [HN] HN: No you don’t get it. I watch you every day, I dream about you every night. Even now that you know, I still can’t have you. The next day at practice, the back-up female dancers join in. You pair them all up judged on height, and after a few runs switch them around again. You run through the dance a few times with the girls and then add the guys in. A few are a little awkward so you move from couple to couple; adjusting stances, fixing postures, shaking them until they are loose and relaxed together. One couple keeps running into each other. You have to show her exactly how it should be done, running the dance through with the group member. You make them try it again, seeing it work better you call for the break. As you towel off and grab your water bottle your phone buzzes. HN: Meet me in the hall. You turn to look around the room and notice he isn’t anywhere. You mumble to the others that you’ll be back in a minute and curiously head out into the hallway. Just as you clear the doorway a hand reaches out, grabs yours, and drags you down the hall. He stops in front of a door, looks down the hall both ways, opens it and pushes you inside. As soon as he enters, he reaches for you and pushes you back against the door. He locks it as he moves into your space and captures your lips with his. After the first passionate kiss he pulls back with his forehead against yours, both of your breaths coming in pants. “Were you doing it on purpose? Dancing with him to get to me?” Your brain is still a little fuzzy from his kiss and all the feelings it’s bringing to the surface. “Do what on purpose? We can’t do this, camera’s…” “There aren’t any in here. I’ve been checking for the last week to find a place without them.” His head falls to your shoulder and he pulls you closer. “God I’ve wanted to do this for so long. It about killed me to watch you dance with him.” “[HN], it’s my job.” “I know,” he states as he leans back a little and cups your face, “I just got jealous. You were touching him and I haven’t been able to touch you.” His lips come down on yours again and all thoughts about practice leave. As he deepens the kiss, you realize just how far off your dreams were from reality. You pull apart suddenly when you hear voices in the hallway, “I can't find either of them anywhere. Did you check the restrooms?”
I like it but I don't want to get caught. .can we go somewhere else to do this?? lmaoo!😅
sosuwgwvusonrksuavfnsoag <- this is how i feel. *slams self onto floor* 😄😄😋
you know what I love about this? I can re-read it for as many biases as I want. omo. this is glorious.
Take me! Take me! NOW!! oops was that out loud?! hehe! Kind of got a little carried away there lol😊
Dang sis, the feels! My hunky, sexy man. Such a nice Saturday night we are having. 😉
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