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Game created by @AimeeH Found here ---》First Edition To Vixx Screenshot Games and tagged by the creator @AimeeH and @MandyNoona and @Dianabell
my bias is my classmate. squealing with excitement
off course you can.
he ever so much is helpful with those tricky questions I get stuck on.
explains why he let's me cheat off him
I he's my second Fav after leo. I ship him and leo together.
sweet no worries about being caught
why maknae why....gosh you babies always end up with me.
starts bullying me because I crush on ravi and dating Hyuk and not paying my bias enough attention. I swear I change my tune.
yep that way we both get an A...reason why I cheat off him in the first place .
all that time together doing projects and he confessed but I rejected him but he still wanted to be best friends.
You don't have Binnie!!! Girl u r missing out the BinAbs!!!!
@VeronicaArtino Oh goodness. That's usually me but with my top bias XD
@AimeeH I agree they are tricksters! @VeronicaArtino awesome results! you got so much of my bias too! ^^
for whatever reason I usually never get binnie...I think it's because he and I probably would never get but he's so cute and charming. still love him
Thank you for participating! I like your results!! Those maknae are tricksters!