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This is another toughie, but I'm gonna have to go with Yugioh. Despite all of its flaws, I've followed every yugioh anime since the original, playing the card game along the way. I've spent countless hours devoted to the series, and that's why it's my favorite.
@KyleBerke Damn straight now imagine throwing everything else in that bad boy with the Elemental Lord and Flamvell and Fire kings it became a pain to create the decks WE wanted to but it usually worked out I won a lot of games and best of all I had loads of fun pretty much how I treated every deck I made/make
@Thatperson512 I know what you mean Archfiends were my preferred choice cuz when ppl lost to me they couldn't understand how xD my favs around that time Scraps, Psychics, Archfiends, DW, Constellars, and Wind-Ups. I always thought Wind-ups were cute I'ma sucker for cute :3
@Thatperson512 It's a pain in the ads now. I played because it was fun not because I could pwn my opponents of you want I'd suggest starting out with namespace solid deck strategY and strength behind it
@ZephyrBlaze Playing at local tournaments I had to at least consider the tier system. Haha tier two were usually a lot cheaper and could still compete that's why I leaned towards them at the end of the day Junk Doppel and Jurracs/evols were my favorite decks and the ones I used the most
I also made a fanfic with my friend I call it Yu-Gi-Oh! Axess (Access) it's like SAO and Yugioh had a baby together that's my take on it and I would use decks that my characters and made them competitive like my Hazy Flame char Haze or his rival Rain me and my friend are highly motivated by this :3
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