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The door to the elevator stepped open and she quickly stepped out but he followed her out. Nabi tried to ignore him as he went to the right. Looking at the plaques next to the doors she looked for the right room. The guy had stopped a little way down the hall before he turned back to look at her. “Are you looking for somewhere in particular?” With a jolt she stood upright feeling like a fool for not just asking him sooner. “Uh yea…. I’m looking for the room for Day6.” She tried to best to smile at him. He was walking back towards her and she felt panicked. Why was he coming back he could have just told her where to go. “You seriously don’t remember me do you.” She could not help but jump a little at how loudly he laughed. Should she remember him? She had never been to this building before. Had they meet on stage last year? “Um, I’m sorry. I really don’t remember you.” This time he was doubled over with laugher. What the hell was so funny. Taking a deep breath, he stood up looking her strait in the face. “My name is Jae. Lead guitar, vocals, and rapper of Day6.” The whole world dropped away with his words. How could she be so stupid? “Oh my! I am so sorry! I really don’t know why I didn’t recognize you. I mean I only saw you briefly that one day and I’ve been so busy. I looked up everyone’s profile and listened to both of your albums so I wouldn’t be coming in blind. I am such an idiot.” Nabi quickly per her hand over her mouth. She had been so shocked she said all of that in English. “Don’t worry I speak English too. I grew up in Cali so I can understand everything you say.” Even if he did speak English she still felt like a complete fool. “Ya Jae! What’s taking you so long? Oh you got a girlfriend?” One of the other members had poked his head out of their studio. “Hey you know that’s not really something to joke about so loudly. No it’s just Nabi. She came by to hang out with us.” “Oh well your food is getting cold. We don’t really have anything for her. Nabi you should tell us before you come next time.” “She doesn’t have our numbers stupid.” “My manager stopped by and ordered something to be delivered here for me so don’t worry.” The guy ducked his head back inside the room. What exactly was she getting herself into?
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