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For me, boredom is where I do unnecessary stupid "un-whitewashing" pictures. I only did one for each of the bangtan members.
Let's start with Jungkook, my bae. The first pic seems fine. You'll get used to it but them bam! What?! The second pic makes him look less like a ghost, I am amazed
Jimin is still a bae, my bae. I loved this pic, it's a beautiful picture for a beautiful babe. But then I just. What if he looked normal I asked myself?
Tae is still a bae. All of bts is. I may or may not have gone too far on this one, but he still looks hot in both so why the hell not.
Jin is true beauty. The majority of his pics weren't whitewashed, that I've found and it was semi hard to find a non whitewashed pic. I suppose people think he's hot either way. But maybe I mostly saved "dark skinned" Jin (and yes, jin is a bae as well)
Tbh, I don't have a lot of pictures of jhope on my phone. But if I did, you would really be able to tell how bad the whitewash is because jhope has more melanin than suga ever will and that's not a bad thing
Rap monster, my namjoonie, my bae, my love. I was afraid of doing his. My love here is a bit dark skinned, and I know how normalized whitewashing is in korean media so I was afraid of how different he'd look but he's beautiful as always
I suppose this is the moment you've been waiting for. You were probably asking yourself "How are you going to do Yoongi?" "Yoongi is named suga for a reason" Suga is lighter skinned than the majority of korea, but he's not deathly pale like how it is in the first pic. Yoongi is also a victim of white wash. You can tell by his hair. Was his hair ever like that? Where you can't see the shades between other pieces of hair? Nah.
I might do a series of this. I'm not quite sure. I'm not sure who to tag, so you're allowed to tag others Note: I don't own the first pics...(the ones before "tanned" bts members happen)
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That's is really cool ^•^