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@luna1171 @lucinda Tbh I don't really know as much about GOT7 as I do my BTS, so I'm not really familiar with him but he's cute and from the vids I've seen he's funny too! So I'm glad I got him!😍😘 if there is anyone doing anymore of these please tag me! I loved doing the first two!❤️thanks!
Yugyeom is GOT7 Maknae..he is so sweet.. you got a nice boyfriend.. lol.... plus he is also the lead dancer of the group along with Jr.👌
@luna1171 cool! Thanks for telling me about him! I need to do my research!! Lol!
@EmmaJolie if you want to learn more about them join. the GOT7 KPOP Community. .lol.. check out my collections. .you will like them more..lol
@luna1171 sure thing thanks!