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Hello one, two and maybe third person I would like to grab your attention on a topic I've always wanted to discuss. Can merchandized anime be considered REAL anime? Or is it just a long winded commercial to get you to buy their product? Well I'll do several cards varying from one series or another and each of their by-products as well :) I'll try to do one every week to keep consistency if I'm unable to I apologize and will do my best to not fail you :) It should also be noted I


know that these are anime that's not my question, the question is are they more like Fairy tail, Durarara, Air Gear ya know plot andcharacter development or does it focus on just the Merchandise like a commercial would :) Criteria: Plot, Character Development, Fighting, and Merchandise focus, any who let's get started :D

Future Card Buddyfight

First victim is this pick Future Card Buddyfight. The premise of the show is simple as to be expected: Open a buddy rare pack, card becomes real, you become buddy with said card, fight other players. Now while the formula is simple let's begin the debate to determine it's standing.

The Plot

Success or failure of any anime is what it's about, this one in a nut shell is about the MC Gao Mikado (left) and his buddy Drum (right) have to stop bunny ears on the second card Kyoya Gaen from opening a dimension to Darkness Dragon World and having kids take control of things from the adults. Is this a good plot? Hell yeah I felt Kyoya's motivation through out and even in his flashback fight he showed he was always a devious little devil and his attitude is his own he isn't being controlled or manipulated by any force a huge plus.

Character Development

If you like an anime that has griping character development for its MC, then your in the WRONG anime bud because this anime has the most BORING MC I've ever seen. Gao has ZERO motivation for doing what he does until the Sengoku Arc I couldn't care less about the outcome of a fight when Gao was fighting because Gao Mikado's actual name should be Yusei Fudo Jr. That's right HE NEVER LOSES. In a card based anime if the MC loses it's a good thing they can grow from that loss understanding what they did wrong and move on from that, since Gao never loses he doesn't have this but UNLIKE Yusei he has no stakes. "What your going to fight So and so for fun? and it's the first time were seeing them and their cards? well who gives a hoot if you win or lose...but he wins. If your lookin for character growth and emotion look at my boy Tetsuya. When he was made fun of he stepped up when he lost he practiced when he loved he fought for it when he lost that love he worked through it all things the MC never has to deal with.

The Fighting

The fights in this particular anime go about as expected. MC gets in conflict wins, OR MC gets OWNED and then gets protected by plot armor. Reason why I have a problem with this is because aforementioned Gao despite what the creators think he CAN lose in the situations he stands in where it's cool for him to lose. But when you refuse to make him lose or just bull B.S. outta nowhere then that creates a riff in your fan base. Sadly AGAIN the only time I didn't see a victory coming was for my main man Tetsuya. This dancing dynamo despite being made fun of coerced and beaten down all in the SAME FIGHT! he pulled through and came out with a win, sad to say I was going against him but he showed me

Merchandise Focus

To it's credit this particular series doesn't focus on the Merchandise... most of the time every other time it's practically thrown in your face every single episode NOT to mention the ENDLESS string of commercials they have WITHIN the episodes add that to the fact they show you products that have nothing to do with Future Card Buddy fight, and you get one hell of a mess. I understand the need to show off what a card can do and there nice enough to put it at the end of the episode so as to not ruin the pacing, but focusing more on your cards than your anime is a good way to fall flat on your face for crimeny they have Cardfight Vanguard characters show up. It was cool and all but they were probably just trying to boost ratings.

Answer Question: Anime or Commercial?

Anime! However this is no accomplishment by the MC Future Card Buddyfight is a rare case of never utilizing it's characters and always focusing on the MC but always giving the development to it's other characters. It's a confusing mix but it's true hell the only time plot armor is used is when he (MC) is fighting. I like the character motivations and growth behind them when it's there.
So my dear nakama have you seen Future Card Buddyfight? What do you think? Anime or Commercial? Whatever you think comment so I can know :) Whant to be tagged for my future Anime or Commercial Cards? Feel free to leave a comment and you'll be the first set to know :3 happy reading and BUDDYFIGHT!
@ZephyrBlaze well, if you're talking about the relation between anime and playing cards, such as the show you've talked about, you'll find the same idea used in both Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Ho, where in Yu-Gi-Ho, the importance of the cards used is by far the biggest element in terms of what drives the plot forward, their battles. Both cases, both have developed player-cards into the real life (I had the Blue Eyes White Dragon once...) So, which inspires which? Depends on what started it all :)
@VoidX What do you mean?
@VoidX That's what this little series is all about, but my range is farther than that I'll be doing a card about each and every series. For the likes of Pokemon,Yugioh,Cardfight,Bakugan,Battle spirits,that Weiss one, any anime I can find that has a merchandise gimmick that's applied to real life where a profit can be made it's those anime's I'll be doing cards on and each spin-off of those said anime's. :D
If anybody has any suggestions as to what I should do next, leave a comment or send me a message :)
Look at Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Ho and you'll find yourself some answers XD