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Hey everyone~
Welcome to the 2nd quarter!!!!
(Sorry this card is a little late T.T)
There are a few things I would like to go over with you all in this card so I'm going to get straight to the point.

First, I would like to apologize to you all for the fact that the V.K.M.As (Vingle Korean Music Awards) are not finished yet. We planned to have finished this a long time ago, but due to circumstances beyond our control, things have been majorly delayed... We will finish it all soon though!!!! ^^

Now let me introduce my crew~

~K-Pop Community Staff~

1. @MattK95 - Moderator <<<< that's me ^^
2. @kpopandkimchi - Party Planner
3. @KpopMillira - Community Reporter
4. @PassTheSuga - Swag Master
5. @jiggzy19 - Maknae
6. ?
7. ?
Staff members six and seven are still to be added~
If you have any questions you need answered, problems that you need help with, or you just want to chat, feel free to message any of us, that's what we are here for. :)
To anybody that's new here in the Kpop Community...


>>>Here<<< are the community guidelines just to make sure you don't get into trouble^^
Please read them and follow the collection so you don't miss any other cards posted K?! :D
We don't want you getting in trouble!!!
We gave you the link above, but here is a quick breakdown...


(If you see anyone starting fanwars, notify a staff member immediately!)

2. The three "Be" s

Be responsible, be respectable, be nice!

3. Relevant posting!

Make sure all cards you post are published only in communities relevant to them.

4. Keep it appropriate!

There are young eyes and ears in this community please respect that and add a warning if your card is going to contain anything over PG. (PG-13 for all you Americans)^^Also, remember, especially you fanfiction writers, that the fanfiction community linked below is the ONLY place where smut or sexual content fanfictions are allowed! (If you see an inappropriate fan fiction published in any other community than the fan fiction community then please inform that communities' moderator or staff!)

Things happening to keep an eye on!

1. OBEYTHEKOREAN 10% discount

@ChelseaJay shared this card which will tell you how to get a 10% discount on K-Pop phone cases! Thank you~~~

2. V.K.M.As are coming to a close~~

Don't forget to vote!! Time is running out! Vote here!

3. Underrated K-Pop Groups/Soloists

@ChaErica started this awesome collection that I recommend you follow! Here is the link~

4. Yes or No

@stevieq keeping us up to date on the latest releases and asks us do we like them?
" Yes or No"
You should check out the collection here.

5. Soundtrack to Life

The Soundtrack to Life challenges will return this quarter! Be prepared to be challenged!
Follow the collection here if you are interested.
...and so much more!!!
(If there is a collection that you think I should know about, and share with everyone here, feel free to let me know)

Let the fun begin!!!! \(^-^)/

Credit to the owners of these photos I do not own them!
Love the things to keep an eye on :D:D:D:D yay for Q2!!!!!
Thanks for mentioning my card! Also, I can wait to see what we get up to in the kpop community this quarter!
Omg thanks so much for mentioning my Collection!! @jiggzy19 helps out too so be sure and check her out too guys!!
Yeeeyyy! Congrats KPOP Community Staff! 😊😊😊