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Hey guys!πŸ‘‹So, I've decided to start my 'KPOP weeklys this coming Monday (EST)!😱😝😝Buuut!😯Wait!πŸ˜•There's still a problem with the weekly set up!!😱 There's no Thursday event!!!😲Oh no!😟What am I going to do?😣 Oh I know!πŸ’‘I'll ask you guys for help!!πŸ˜‹ lol, hope you enjoyed my weirdness. Anyways. It's exactly as I said. Unfortunately I have no ideas on what to put for my Thursday cards for my 'KPOP Weekly' segment. So I need some help! Preferably, I would like some thing to go with Thursday, like, 'Th____ Thursday.' You know? So guys! Please help me! Thank you! Also on my first weekly segment card I'm doing my first ever tag list so just comment if you wanna be tagged in it and I will be sure to! Thanks loves!❀️😘✌️
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cool! ^.^
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You can tag me!
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yay!! thx! @JohnEvans
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