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A few days were uploaded to Youtube some BTS of FAITH, unfortunately already been eliminated! there are only images, I swear that when I saw them, I thought they were photoshoop, but nooo! Why ... PD-nim not include the scenes in the end? Do you know how many were dying for a kiss and a hug??? I'm really angry, if it was filmed, why not Included!? OMG... I Hate you PD-nim!! hahaha Dont mine me, Im very dramatic! Source Baidu
I felt both angry and sad about not seeing this at the ending. This would at least make the story a little more complete than what it was. Thousands of viewers would not be feeling so disappointed not seeing the Imja Couple showed some intimacy after waiting, searching for each other for so long! I felt mad and saddened at the director for cutting out many important scenes that would make this drama more popular and successful than what it was first broadcasting. He might not be killing himself if this drama broke the record and we would be seeing Faith 2 or Faith 3...!!!
Wanted to see a sweet hug at the end.... Disappointing they didn't show it...
I still love the drama
@onomesonia welcome haha im a crazy, crazy mega crazy fan of IMJA COUPLE also!!
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