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So my stepsister is about 10 years old and she wanted to watch Bigbang with me...and the things she said
So while watching bigbang this is a list of the things she said: "I just wanna kiss them all on the lips!" (after I told her about their "rumoured" (Ithink) leave for the military) "I hope they come back before they are too old!" "WHAT IF THEY HAVE A STROKE???" "WHAT IF ONE OF THEM ARE HIDING CANCER!"
Then I trailed off and watched some Mamamoo and my stepsister started going off on Hwa Sa (in a funny way) these are the things she said: "I bet that girl is wearing a lot of makeup to cover all of her wrinkles" "I bet they pin her loose neck flaps to the back of her head, that's why she isn't turning around!" "She might drop dead soon, I bet that she is super old!" "Just look at those ten wrinkles on her face" LIKE WTF HWASA IS PERFECT BUT I COULDNT HELP BUT LAUGH
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Tell her she's doing well for a kpop noob xD
lol from the mouth if babes
@ToppDogg who doesn't go crazy when big bangs on 馃槀
haha. shes gonna be a fangirl
@imiebegay14 meh idk 馃槀
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