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@AimeeH happy for a vixx game anytime, @DianaBell thnx for the tag
I got Kenny as a classmate, I'm glad bc I love him but he can be annoying sometimes lol
Lol Hongbin why, you should know better than that, we will both fail
or not,Leo seems like a smart guy, he looks good at studying
OMG yaasssss, *^▁^* Ravi my ub has a crush on me..... rkfjjdjsjsj only in dreams and games lol
Lol my phone is giving me a heart attack, telling me obvious things
awww little hyukling is a teacher's pet
OMG OMG OMG OMG yaasssss..... dkskkskdkjfnkfkk (*soul erupts from body and ascends*)
Kenny this is why we have a love hate relationship bruh
well N seems like a reliable partner, I would finally know what it's like to have help on a school project Lol
OMG and we're friends, yup we can rule the school bruh Lol
love my dorks and love my results, my phone loves me Lol
@netchtiBates That's awesome!! ♡♡
of course, love the screenshot games, especially if it involves my ub and/or my ub group ❤*^▁^*@AimeeH
XD Yay! Especially for your Bias!! I'm so glad you're happy with the results! Thank you for playing!!! ♡♡