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I'd like to welcome my surprise adopted daughter (my daughters best friend) to Vingle. She fits right in and it wasn't hard to convince her to join us.
She likes J Hope from BTS. I don't know why though, probably because I have never asked. However I support her decision.
She also likes this guy, the Unicorn Lay. EXO is her #1 favorite group of all time. She came with us to see EXO is Dallas and fangirled the whole time.
She likes this guy Chen too. EXO is her thing for real. I appreciate her because she got my daughter into KPOP. I guess me liking it wasn't enough lol.
BUT her UB is Suho I never expected that from her at all but it's cool because she's happy.

So let's welcome our new Vingler

@LikeAFlute (I know she is one of mine with that name) Enjoy your stay because you won't leave.


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okay so 1) thank you all so much it's very sweet @MandyNoona @Lexxcisco @SarangRavi @CreeTheOtaku 2) RUDE @elleholley I WENT FROM BEING SO TIRED THAT I PASSED OUT ON THE COUCH TO BEING FULLY ENERGISED AND IT'S ALL BECAUSE MY EYES LANDED ON THE LAY ABS...so I think what I'm trying to say is that I especially thank you :D oh and 3) @Lexxcisco that's not what I meant by like a flute. . . xD
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Welcome to vingle @LikeAFlute. I hope you enjoy your stay. Also, if you're interested in Seventeen then you can check out my latest collections. I go into detail about them quite often and they're one of my bias groups. (:
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welcome welcome @LikeAFlute! to the wonderful madness and fun that is Vingle
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@ElleHolley lol and @LikeAFlute we will get along because I have a jhope obsession 馃槏 he is my UB! And SUHO oppa has the best abs ever 馃槱
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