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This picture of Mark is just perfect. The lip biting is too much.
Anyways this is my last chapter to this series I hope you enjoy.
~~~Ji's pov~~~
I called my mom and told her how I was craving certain things and throwing up a lot more than usual.
"Listen carefully, I think you might be... pregnant." My mom said
"What?!" I yelled
"and there's more to come, Ji." My mom added.
"What do you mean I'm pregnant?! With more to come?!" I asked.
"I mean that you will have different urges and feelings about stuff." My mom said.
"Are you absolutely sure I might be pregnant mom?" I asked calmly.
"You won't be exactly sure until you check with the doctor." She said.
"I mean unless you did the nasty stuff without protection." She added, with giggling.
"oh my!" I said while blushing wildly.
I heard footsteps in the distance. I looked behind me and saw Mark walking towards me.
"I have to go now mom, Bye!" I said in a hurry and hung up.
"Hi honey." I said while walking up to Mark.
I pecked his lips while hugging his neck. I backed away and said that I wasn't feeling well and was going to make a doctor's appointment tomorrow.
"Okay well, I hope you feel well." We both walked upstairs to get to bed.
I brushed my teeth and changed. I then went to bed.
I woke up took a bath and got ready for the doctors. I made a quick breakfast for the two of us and left for the doctors.
When I got in the check up room I started to talk about all of the stuff that was happening to me.
"Well to me it sounds like your pregnant." The doctor said as I gasped.
"I will try to see if I can put an ultrasound on." She said.
After testing it seemed I was 3 weeks in pregnancy.
She said to come back in a few weeks to find the gender of the baby. I responded with an okay and left.
When I got home I found Mark sitting on the couch watching a drama.
I sat down and turned off the TV to get his attention.
I looked right into his beautiful eyes.
"I have something to say."
"What is it?" He asked.
I started to cry with happiness and hugged him tight.
I built up my courage and said, "Mark, I'm pregnant."
I hugged him so tight because I was so happy.
"What?! Your pregnant." He said while breaking the hug.
I saw his eyes starting to tear up.
"I have your baby in me." I said with tears streaming down my face.
I was caught by surprise when he hugged me so tight.
"I love you so much, Ji." I felt his shoulders shaking and heard sniffling.
"I love you too." I said back.
~~~Mark's pov~~~
I was watching a drama when Ji turned the TV off. I looked at her eyes. They were filled with happiness.
"I have something to say." She said without breaking eye contact.
"What is it?"
She started to cry then hugged me she was hugging me so tight.
"Mark, I'm pregnant." She then held me even tighter.
I broke the hug and said, "What?! Your pregnant."
I felt my eyes start to tear up.
"I have your baby in me." She said with tears trailing down her face.
I hugged her so tight.
"I love you so much, Ji." I said starting to cry like a baby.
"I love you too." She said.
I'm so surprised this happened. This makes me love her even more.
I let go and reach for her tummy. I rubbed it softly and gently making sure not to hurt her or my little baby.
"I'm gonna be your new daddy." I leaned close and whispered to her tummy.
I felt this wonderful spark in my heart light up. This has made me the happiest man in the world at this point.
Fast Forward>>>>
*4 months later*
It seems we will be having a baby girl. Even though I wanted a boy we ended up having a girl. I still am happy though. Just having this little moment in my life had made me very happy. I went to sit down on the couch next to Ji and wrapped my arm around her waist. I put my hand on her tummy to comfort her. I felt a jolt when I laid my hand on her.
"She just kicked!" Ji said excitedly.
"Oh, I was worried for a second there." I said worriedly.
I started to smile like an idiot knowing that there's my child living in my wonder wife's belly.
Fast Forward>>>>
*5 months later*
~~~Ji's pov~~~
It's supposed to be 2 more weeks until Chung-Ae comes out. We came up with this name because it's the meaning of righteous love. With Mark and I loving her I think she deserves the happiness she needs.
After 1 week passed I am really happy and nervous at the same time. I was sitting down reading a book when I felt this weird feeling and something drip in me. I think my water just broke.
"The baby's coming!" I yelled loud enough so Mark could hear me.
He came running downstairs and made sure I was okay before he brought me in the car to bring me to the hospital. While he was driving he grabbed my hand and held it for a while before arriving to the hospital.
*after the birth*
I held my baby's small fragile body in my hands while crying my eyes out.
"I love you so much, Chung-Ae." I said while kissing her forehead.
I saw my family walk in and gasp.
I asked the doctor to let Mark hold our baby.
I handed Chung-Ae to Mark as I could see he was beaming with happiness.
Nabi ran over to me and hugged me, with my mom and dad.
Then Marks family came walking in and started to cry almost instantly.
"I'm an aunt now?!" Nabi squealed.
Everyone laughed wholeheartedly.
I noticed that only a few people were missing.
I heard the door open and looked in that direction.
They arrived.
"Yay!!! I have a niece now!" BamBam said while grinning.
He walked over to Mark and looked at her closely.
"AWWW, she's so cute, I love her already." He said and backed away.
Mark handed her back to me.
After 3 days I was able to leave the hospital with Chung-Ae, and go back home.
I got home and put my little ball of sunshine in her crib. I kissed her forehead.
"I'm so happy to have you in my life, Chung-Ae and Mark." I said to her. Even though she probably won't understand me. Mark came up behind me and hugged me from behind saying, "You two are the most important people to be in my life."
Finally, This series is finally over
I was writing this up until 1am.
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